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  • Wan sheng-an, Soba?!



    Wan sheng-an, 篠ke瀬!

    New year's Eve near a set of classic home

    This way...

    I must say I'm making in the family total putting out

    Forced Iccho pose (laughs).

    Ta teacher Muraki also.

    Now nostalgia before examination.

    Gen to eat the "katsudon" at the shoulders.

    And spectacular pass!

    There are blessings! ~!

    Cleaning before lunch too!

    And even Soba!

    Good 割yoツapuu Zhu up!

    Of course that is near!

    Cooking with Chibi-

    And have fun!

    This year's Wan sheng-an, Soba!

    I was so good!

    This is 頑張recha this year!

    Believe shrug
    By changing the body is more in your life smile!
    Instituting smile has shrugged off today

    So today
    To all my fellow

    Years, has increased with cold days this season.
    Health easier to break.
    Have patients gikkuri waist and differences in sleep.
    It has increased traffic accident patients.
    Weight of the neck and shoulders and pain.
    From neck and arm numbness.
    The weight around the shoulder blades.
    Through hip thigh numbness or pain.
    Such appeals whiplash patients increases.
    Everyone watch out your kindest accident!
    Let's start with the driving!

    Hamamatsu City's lone MOM very popular!
    In Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, clinics, chiropractors, personal gym

    Shrug off Osteopathic hospital

    Whiplash college graduate laughed osteopathic hospital

    Post-partum pelvic corrections and shrug off bodywork

    Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, Yakushi-Cho 340-3
    4:00 PM-8:00
    Wednesday & Saturday pm will be closed.

    Post-partum care and postnatal diet would be
    Lone mother Ms
    To improve sports performance
    Pelvis correction questions is growing.

    Please feel free to ask questions of the body!