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  • All you can eat sushi! In the men's group I-

    2015December 15th.

    Sushi counter!

    So eat it?!.

    I own.

    Because it takes my breath away (sweat

    I'd think of sushi around.

    To my friendly sushi

    Saginomiya ISO sushi!

    Nice tut!

    By saying that.

    Here's the counter drink eat unlimited sushi!

    Kaki fly something too.

    Eyes protruding from the dish much, but good!

    Juicy not be-failed!

    And it will follow Tian ' favorite!

    Negi ton!

    My favorite follow Tian ' big three.

    The tonkatsu Mayo plenty&Leeks plenty of

    This smile on (lol)

    Then here is the steak with wasabi!

    This juice drink you want to be (laughs)

    Also follow Tian ' favorite!
    <r />

    Everyone tension on the I have I do! (Lol)<r />


    It has pushed extensions (laughs)

    In too far up, I'm going to cry too (laughs)

    It was time really well.

    I do not eat over the...

    Sea Urchin and sipped.

    Efficient front desk and horse mackerel and sipped.

    This is called one single.

    It is a time of joy for adults.

    BTW the price really is.

    And what it is pretty cheap....

    This time I want to.

    It is recommended you take people like eating ~

    And hey! Where was refreshing.

    Cook ran low on this year! ~!

    So today

    To all my fellow


    This time of year many traffic accidents.

    Whiplash is more patient.

    Is on a bicycle was hit by a car yesterday.

    Everyone watch out your kindest accident!

    Let's start with the driving!

    Whiplash website

    More questions about the pelvis correction.

    Please feel free to ask questions of the body!

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