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Men's breakfast! Crepe tournament!

One day in the winter.

My daughter suddenly.

Crepe making! And

But I never done it before.

Let's do it!

Moms postpartum pelvic correctional staff got to us.

Well cooking classes and hey! But it is said...

This seeing hand over fist to Chibi

Best of all our children.

Head it can accomplish almost anything you like to tell

And try to make...

I smell is crepes!

Unexpected and surprising.

I would quite easily (lol)

Because it was time-night dinner.

In a frying pan the next.

Fried mixed seafood and vegetables

Lou Curry up!

Seafood Curry finished!

I like Curry.

The last last care.

I had the Curry crepes

Very unexpected surprise!

And the crop of cheap sashimi.

On the soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, honey, miso, and

When mixed, Korea style Carpaccio completed!

Cheese crepes this sashimi special.

It is also fairly well.

By the way is completed.

Like hand-rolled sushi.

Dessert as well.

Apples and bananas fried with sugar.

Put it in the crepe cheese & honey!

This was delicious!!

Enjoyed the crepe Conference also want a wish!

So even today in our best smile instituting it! ~!

So today
To all my fellow

I mean laughed.
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This holiday season when many traffic accidents.
Laugh's neck-shoulder pain and numbness
Sue, foot pain and numbness from the waist
Whiplash is more patient.
Everyone watch out your kindest accident!
Let's start with the driving!

Hamamatsu City's lone MOM very popular!
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Shrug off Osteopathic hospital

Whiplash college graduate laughed osteopathic hospital

Post-partum pelvic corrections and shrug off bodywork

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Lone mother Ms
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