Whip in a traffic accident in Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu laughed osteopathic hospital, whichever, you smile become the way of the neck shoulder lower back pain from.
Issyou Judo Therapy office is able to answer your question in English.

The first! Costco! ~!

Now Hamamatsu's buzz.

The first landing at Costco!

It's! The cats-(laughs)

From card making to enter put an hour.

Flanked by well 待teta I like so (laughs)

Well you did!

The Interior is nice.

Smell the calories and cholesterol (lol)

Remember the American era (lol)

I asked while drunk with everyone in a University dormitory.

Just a few old pizza flavor.


I wonder if they can buy it?

When you hear...

Full denial and Chibi (lol)

It wanted (lol)!

And I of reading pictures...

This desire was then ~! (Lol)

Heineken also wait this time. "!

Next time I'll get from it! ~ (laughs)

I bought the headphones that vibrate from!

This worries are gone! (Lol)

Prisoner of the headphones is (laughs)

Immediately movies ~ (laughs)

To shrug off graduating from reception.

I'm taking center care (laughs)

He is (laughs)

And shall we!

In instituting smile today!! ~!

So today
To all my fellow

Is this rain here often
Many traffic accidents on rainy days.
Whiplash patients with rear-end accidents last week.
That part of the base of the neck pain and numbness.
Everyone watch out your kindest accident!
Let's start with the driving!

Whiplash website

Post-partum care and postnatal diet would be
Lone mother Ms
To improve sports performance
Pelvis correction questions is growing.
I'm more questions for Jim laughed too!

Please feel free to ask questions of the body!

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