Whip in a traffic accident in Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu laughed osteopathic hospital, whichever, you smile become the way of the neck shoulder lower back pain from.
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Tomorrow is the first kites!

Moving to Hamamatsu.

Hamamatsu Festival experience now.

How do you say...?

Thanks to those who happily embraced even stranger!

Is like doing pictures (laughs)

Now, you can take photos of doing it-and (lol)

Is a photo I took (lol)

Memories of...-

So the Festival, I was surprised.


People I know none of you.

I say get the Orthopedic clinic in this area.

It's fierce pressure to me at that time.

Flowers you sent me...

In front of the plant.

Or me impossible after all.

Could be bad.

No no...

Since I got support from everyone so...

I'm sure okay! It's

Every night is a black hospital.

1People have been crying (lol)

Will I be!

I was sick (lol)

Until the even.

Thanks to the Festival.

Could I get in this town. And

In there seemed little.

It's his first kite tomorrow!

5Annual reward hard work!

It is the enjoyment ~!

And so can be enjoyed by everyone.

We will be entertaining at best!

Is a time to come see it!

So your job today!

In instituting the smile you! ~!

So today
To all my fellow

At this time many traffic accidents.
Whiplash is more patient.
Everyone watch out your kindest accident!
Let's start with the driving!

Whiplash website

More questions about the pelvis correction.

Please feel free to ask questions of the body!

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